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Universal life force energy

Know the power of Reiki


Adamya Reiki Center is one of the centers in Bangalore that follows holistic way of providing treatment and other services.

This center provides courses on Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki , Rajakriya Reiki, Angels and devas therapy, ‘Hypnotherapy’, Crystals & gems Therapy /  healing’, Acupressure, Sujok, Pyramids , and ‘Past life regression. It provides treatment as well as trains students in each of these areas.

Some of the finer qualities of Adamya reiki centre includes Enthusiasm, sympathy, love and naturalness. Reiki teacher at Adamya is always available to students even after they’ve learnt reiki, to offer any support, whether mental, emotional or spiritual.

All our classes are consciously small and limited to a handful of people, to increase interface and ensure complete attention and participation of the student.


Classes conducted


Traditional Reiki

Rajakriya Reiki

Angels & Devas therapy

Karuna Reiki

Crystal therapy

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Mobile:  (+91) 9900077704 [Dr Surekha.K]


Classes at Bangalore and Mysore

 To Book a class call - (+91) 9900077704

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